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Why does Putty Drop Powder?
The main reason is that the grassroots wall is too dry, the wind speed is too big, water absorption is too strong, putty on the wall after the normal hydration and solidification, resulting in surface powdering. This requires the first brush with water wetting wet, and then putty.
How to Produce the Putty Empty Drum?
(1) Improper treatment of the grassroots, so that the putty layer and grass-roots contact is not close enough to form the mezzanine.
(2) There is a dense layer between the base and the putty layer so that the air can not spread normally to the grassroots.
How Long Will Wall Water Putty Resistant for in Sunny and Dry Weather?
Open the window ventilation, almost 3 days can dry.
Putty Batch Several Times Suitable?
specifically to look at the new and old level of the wall to be determined:
(1) The new house can only be approved two times, the batch over two times together sand, not only on the wall surface paint.
(2) Second-hand housing, three times more good, batch over three times together sand, not only on the wall surface paint.
How to Use Water Resistant Putty to Treat Wall?
The first step, the original wall to eradicate clean to the basement.
The second step, the original wall repair. The crack, empty drum place plus mesh belt or kraft paper, with water resistance putty full wall operation.
The third step, scraping board printed by sandpaper polished, dust after cleaning, direct brush top coat.
Scraping Putty Paste Good, Or Scraping Putty Powder Good?
Scraping putty paste is convenient and quick, do not use water mixing can directly open the package, but putty paste shelf life is shorter. Scraping putty powder mixed with water, the air consistency can be freely mastered, and long shelf life.
Batch Putty is Directly Using Putty Powder Good, or Use "Talc +108 Glue" Good?
(1) The putty powder is adjusted well, only need to add water can be used, convenient construction, save time, is currently a painter is more commonly used materials.
(2) "Talc +108 glue (or white latex)" need to have a certain construction experience of the workers can be adjusted well, because of the problem of reconciling proportion, gum too much bad scrape, glue too little easy to crack, and compare the cost of time, generally used in the requirements of relatively high decoration projects, dry thoroughly need time to dominate, so now the general household use less.

Putty Dry after Brushing the Wall Paint, must First Brush the Alkali-Resistant Primer?
If the wall is not a pan-alkali situation, there is no need to brush alkali primer.
Why not Recommend the Use of 107 Glue, or Similar to 107 of the Glue to Prepare Putty?
The construction staff is accustomed to using 107 glue, or similar to 107 of the glue to make the putty because 107 glue has high viscosity, strong adhesion, mixed with fillers into putty batch scraping dry hardness, not easy to fall off and cracking. However, many of the putty sold on the market are made of 107 glue, sub standard filler without the standard and non-standard modulation. 107 adhesive containing a large number of serious harm to the human body caused by formaldehyde and polyvinyl acetal, the state expressly prohibit the use of products. Poor-quality filler in general a variety of heavy metals, radionuclide content indicators, is the human health potential enemies. and bioengineering technology based on the production of plant glue products, no doubt belongs to the original green products, users should choose such putty.
Wall Scrape Water Putty, after Drying Found A Large Surface Strength, Inside is Powder, Why?
(1) Generally after scraping the putty on the wall surface, putty inside a lot of chemical materials such as cellulose, latex powder, will be accumulated with the evaporation of water on the surface, resulting in the putty layer can not get the strength due, plus putty layer generally dry relatively slow, it is possible to detect the time is not dry. This is also one of the main causes of putty powder.
(2) Another possibility: the price of white cement is higher, so there is pusher often mixed with other inexpensive fillers in white cement.
(3) Solution: To increase the amount of rubber powder and white cement.
Some People Say that the Use of Transparent Putty Easy to Make the Paint Film Cracking Off, Is that
The reasons for the paint delamination are many and common:
(1) Putty is not dry and paint.
(2) color, surface paint drying too fast or too much hardness.
(3) Curing agent and paint do not match.
Someone with "Double Fly Powder, or Putty Powder + Glue" Instead of Wood Putty, Can it?
First of all, wood putty and brush Wall putty powder is different, wood putty is divided into many kinds, there are water-based putty and oily putty. Water-based Wood Putty is a large number of fillers and adhesives made of mixed paste, also called fill mud. Its role is to the surface of the hole in the eye cracks, sand holes, wood bristles, such as a variety of defects filled in to get a flat surface, that is, to save paint, but also to increase beauty. Oily Wood putty is the use of varnish, tung oil into the turpentine made of oily wood putty, high cost, not environmental protection, the use of difficult, now is rarely used. In general, the batch wall putty powder only requires hardness hard enough. But the board wall of the putty is not the same, it is required to be flexible putty (such as n3-800 elastic Waterproof Eco-putty) because there is a problem of expansion and contraction. If the wood (furniture) on the use of another, it must be hard enough. If you use the "double fly powder, or putty powder + glue" approach, grinding will be very smooth, but because of its hardness is not enough, there will be sand holes and other sites.
Two or One Day to Complete the Construction of the Putty?
In the site of the construction of the putty, the first time the putty into the amount of white cement, the second time to adjust the putty inside is all talcum powder, no white cement, and these two or one day to complete. Is that OK?
(1) The first time Putty main function is the wall, top leveling, putty is to put white cement, because the white cement fastness to the wall, the top of the leveling, the second to third time generally do not put white cement, but with talcum powder glue, cooked rubber and cellulose batch scraping.
(2) White cement powder relatively coarse, no talc fine, if the second to third time again put white cement, polished out of the finished wall will appear rough, thus affecting the effect of coating latex paint.
(3) Do not mix cement, directly with talcum powder to scrape more easily.
(4) If the putty is not scraping very thick, a day to scrape two times is also possible, but after the scrape must dry thoroughly.
(5) If the wall surface water content is high or seepage, with white cement putty high strength and not easy to fall off. After the cement putty is completely dry, then use the putty without cement to receive the light.
How to Classify the Putty in the Market?
(1) According to the status: Paste Putty, powdered putty, glue with filler or cement.
(2) in accordance with water resistance: waterproof putty, water-resistant putty (such as 821 putties).
(3) In accordance with the use of occasions: wall putty, external wall putty.
(4) According to the function: Water resistant putty, elastic putty, high elasticity waterproof putty.
What are the Components of Putty?
(1) 821 putty mainly by big white powder, plus one point starch gum and CMC (hydroxymethyl cellulose) made, this kind of putty without adhesion, not resistant to water.
(2) Water resistant putty paste is mainly composed of macromolecule organic matter, lime powder, superfine filler and water-holding agent, this kind of putty are good whiteness, the bonding strength is high, it is water-resistant, is rigid, alkaline products.
(3) Waterproof putty powder mainly by calcium carbonate, lime powder, cement, organic rubber powder, water retaining agent and other components, such products have a high bond strength and water resistance is a rigid, alkaline products.
(4) Emulsion type putty is mainly composed of polymer emulsion, superfine filler, and water retaining agent, such putty has excellent water resistance, flexibility can be used on all kinds of substrates, but the price is higher, is a neutral product.
What is the Disadvantage of 821 Putty?
(1) Poor adhesion, low bonding strength, individual home improvement enterprises in order to overcome this defect, the substrate brushing the interface agent. Increase the cost and increase the working hours.
(2) No toughness.
(3) The phenomenon of powdering occurs soon after the moisture is met.
(4) In a short period of time, cracking, peeling, peeling and other phenomena. Especially in the inner wall moisturizing board to deal with, even if the use of cloth to complete closed treatment is also difficult to eliminate the above phenomenon. After the completion of construction will bring many repairs, inconvenience to users.
(5) Painting the wall again, need to eliminate the original 821 putty, laborious and polluting the environment.
(6) The surface is not delicate, poor texture.
What are the Advantages of Waterproof Putty?
Waterproof putty is one of the best alternative products for 821 putty.
(1) strong adhesion, high bonding strength, a certain toughness, good permeability.
(2) There is no powdering phenomenon after dampness and has strong water resistance.
(3) The use of water resistant putty wall surface will not appear cracking, peeling, peeling and other phenomena.
(4) The use of water-resistant putty wall feel delicate, soft impression, good texture.
(5) The use of water-resistant putty wall surface pollution can be directly scrubbed or directly painted interior wall paint. and can improve the coating performance and service life.
(6) When painting the inner wall again, no need to eliminate the wall surface, direct brush painted the interior wall.
(7) Waterproof putty for environmental-friendly materials, indoor air does not produce any pollution.
What are the Advantages of Putty Powder?
The putty powder is a mixture of polymer powder and powdered rubber, and it can be used to flatten the wall after a certain proportion and water mix. Because formaldehyde can only be in gaseous or liquid form, therefore, compared to the putty powder in the least formaldehyde content is not even, more environmentally friendly.
In the Process of Decoration, Putty When, How to Use?
In front of the painted wall, the first batch of putty, then primer, then paint.
Scraping Putty in the Quota is How to Stipulate?
The batch scraping putty does not have the corresponding quota, is one kind of process, generally is contained in the paint project.
External Wall Putty Can be Used Indoors? Will there be Environmental Problems?
External wall putty can be used indoors, but the best indoor or internal wall putty, external wall Putty general environmental protection is less than interior wall putty.
Ordinary Putty (Such as 821 Putties) Why Easy to Powdering?
(1) Ordinary putty (such as 821 putties) mainly by the big white powder, plus one point starch gum and CMC (hydroxymethyl cellulose) made, also has the use of methyl cellulose and double fly powder preparation, such putty without adhesion, not resistant to water.
(2) After the cellulose and water dissolve, can absorb water expands, different manufacturers of product water absorption rate, cellulose in putty played a role in water conservation, dry putty is only a certain intensity, but after a long time will slowly take off the powder, which is closely related to the molecular structure of cellulose itself.
(3) Such putty, loose, high water absorption rate, easy to powder, no strength, no elasticity. If the above construction surface paint, low PVC easy to bubble, high PVC easy dehydration shrinkage cracking, because of its high water absorption rate, affect the surface paint film and construction effect.
What Phenomenon Will Happen When Putty is in the Lack of Gum?
Putty Glue is not enough, the most direct performance is the putty layer loose, surface powder, brushing paint when the amount of paint, leveling poor, the film after the surface roughness, difficult to form a dense paint film. Soon after the user moved the new house, the wall will appear to paint the skin, blistering, peeling off, cracking and other phenomena, so that the user tail built a beautiful home destroyed.
If the user wants to change the status quo, they must eliminate all the inferior putty, do not leave any residue, then, buy quality of qualified putty and latex paint, repeated move into the new home before all the construction procedures, so that users not only to suffer huge economic losses but also how to deal with the interior has been placed in the furniture and other decorative materials embarrassing situation.
Putty in the Use of Corrosive Chemical Raw Materials, What Will be the Impact?
Many putties, especially putty powder, often contain corrosive chemical raw materials, the body contact after the skin redness and swelling, fester phenomenon, construction in the wall of the process, a variety of decorative materials, especially with the putty contact with a wide range of wood lines, wood doors and windows back to the obvious discoloration, soft or fall off, the construction of latex paint, paint film yellowing, loss or fall off, moved into furniture, furniture service life is also greatly shortened.
Causes the Waterproof Putty to Start the Skin Reason?
(1) The grassroots strength is too low, powder or falls off, resulting in surface layer putty empty drums, even skin. More in the water resistant putty in ordinary putty (including Big white powder, double fly, lime powder) layer and stucco surface.
(2) The grassroots wall is not treated clean, there are topsoil or other debris caused by water resistant putty can not be normal adhesion.
(3) Improper cement maintenance, grass-roots stripping, resulting in cement surface adhesion drops, water resistant putty can not be normal adhesion.
Water Resistant Putty in What Circumstances Prone to Cracking Phenomenon?
(1) The micro-cracks are formed in the curing period due to the excessive scraping of the single time.
(2) Construction under the high-temperature environment.
(3) dry, and windy environment under construction.
(4) Construction under the low-temperature environment.
What are the Factors Which Cause the Foaming of Water Resistant Putty?
(1) Grassroots cement curing period is not too large, cause the putty layer in the curing period of alkaline high, dry after leaving a blister traces.
(2) The grassroots wall is too dry, scraping when the speed is too fast, resulting in putty laminated air generated gas drum, repeated scraping several times can be resolved.
What Causes Water Resistance Putty Yellowing?
(1) with polyester paint (paint) or release agent construction at the same time, resulting in putty film yellowing.
(2) The grassroots have oil or other grease-like dirt, not clean, resulting in putty film yellowing.
(3) The putty film by Rust or other non-ferrous substances pollution may lead to Putty film yellowing.
(4) temperature is too low (5 ℃ below).
What Should I Pay Attention to When Choosing the Construction Glue for Putty?
(1) The first category is polyvinyl alcohol as the main raw material, heating up the building of plastic, a dark transparent water, commonly known as 107 plastic. At present the market also has other brands such as 801 Glue, 803 plastic, 901 plastic, such as very viscous, with a drawing-like dark transparent water, also belong to this category. This kind of adhesive has high viscosity, strong adhesion, and good hardness after mixing with fillers. The disadvantage is formaldehyde, poor environmental protection. 107 or 801 glue the original industry standard is free formaldehyde content ≤5g/kg. July 1, 2002 enforcement of the national standard gb18583-2001 "Indoor decoration and decoration materials in the limits of harmful substances" in the "water-based type of formaldehyde-like adhesives", free formaldehyde content ≤1g/kg, with 107, 801 building glue coating putty, in addition to the use of free formaldehyde directly toxic construction personnel, after the project, due to the outside of a layer of paint "protection" role, putty in the free formaldehyde is not easy to release clean. According to a hospital in Harbin, 90% of children with leukemia have been decorated recently, with free formaldehyde.

(2) The second type of methyl fiber and synthetic emulsion as the main raw materials, room temperature compound of the building glue, is milky white gum liquid, commonly known as 108 plastic. The adhesive viscosity is moderate, no wire drawing phenomenon, the best use of cement, lime, gypsum and other inorganic cementitious material together. The disadvantage of the gum is:
(1) If the quality of cellulose is not good, the preparation of the putty batch scraping and polishing, cellulose filaments will be attached to the surface, not only affect the decorative effect, and relatively waste paint.
(2) on-site mixing putty, if not add cement or lime, gypsum, will appear to shrink the strength of the putty low disadvantage. The advantages are: to contain cement, or lime, gypsum mixtures have a better improvement, no formaldehyde, good environmental protection.
Putty is Good or Bad on Emulsion Paint Coated with What Effect?
Metope is composed of three layers (wall surface, putty layer, coating surface), because of the environment and climatic condition influence and change, it is apt to deform, because the deformation index is different and causes the wall surface to produce the crack phenomenon. If the putty layer has flexibility (such as: the use of n3-800 elastic waterproof eco-putty), not only effectively prevent wall cracks, but also to prevent the wall surface of the skin, shedding occurs. Therefore, the putty between the wall and latex paint, play a connecting role. For the wall, the putty must be tightly adhered to the wall and firmly bonded; for latex paint, it is provided with a solid substrate, and the emulsion paint does not react with rejection.
The Batch Scraping Putty, Which Parts Need to be Coated to Deal With?
If the use of ordinary putty (such as 821 putties), or waterproof putty, then light body wall, partitions between the joints, furniture and wall joints, wall open groove place and other parts of the best use of the tape processing technology. If the use of elastic putty (such as n3-800 elastic Waterproof Eco-putty), you can do without the cloth processing, direct batch scraping can.
What are the Disadvantages of Using Gypsum Powder Supplementary?
The use of gypsum powder supplementary, there are several defects:
(1) Due to the rapid solidification of gypsum, can not fully moisten the base, poor adhesion.
(2) In order to facilitate the batch scraping, many gypsums added to the nonstandard moisture absorbent, gypsum solidification can not dry, humid weather is very easy to regain.
(3) Workers on-site non-standard operation, for the home quality, safety, environmental protection hidden trouble.
When Will the Wall Containing Water be Putty and Latex Paint?
When will the wall containing water be putty and latex paint what effect? Why not recommend the use of water resistant putty (821 putties)?
(1) 821 putty is not resistant to water when the wall contains water, 821 putties will absorb water foaming, resulting in a large area of emulsion paint blister, cracking, shedding. And the better the performance of latex paint, the better the film-forming, the more serious the problem.
(2) If the wall water is very large, and continue to contain, even if the use of water resistant putty will appear above. Solution: First use the sealing material back cover, and then use water resistant putty.
What are the Contents of the Painting Process in the Decoration?
The decoration process, in general, has 4 procedures: wall treatment, scraping putty, paint primer, paint.
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