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    The company mainly produces and sells "HUAMAO" as well as "SANWEI" two major brand products. Products covered three series: One is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons; the second is dispersible polymer powder can be 85,000 tons per year; the last is the cellulose products annual capacity of 60,000tons. 
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    Shanghai shici International Trading Co.Ltd is a professional company which contain enterprise sales, warehousing, distribution, technical services. Shanghai Shici in view of the new market situation and customer demand, the establishment of raw material supply as the core, formulation research, technical support, such as supporting the "integration, one-stop" service marketing model. 
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    Our polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products, dispersible polymer powder, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose and other related products are well applied in many fields such as paper, adhesives and emulsion, textiles, barrier films, tec,.
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311C - Non-cement based Dry-mixed mortar
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311C - Non-cement based Dry-mixed mortar


Re-dispersible polymer powder is the powder form of a special emulsion (macromolecular polymers) after spraying and drying. It dissolves in water easily and quickly and forms the emulsion, the same with the original emulsion. The membrane will form after the moisture is evaporated; this kind of membrane possesses high flexibility, good climate resistance and high adhesive to various substrates.
The plant was designed and developed using our own technologies. We have constantly introduced international advanced technology to fill the domestic vacant products.

Product Specification



Major Component



White powder, freely flow

Solid Content, /%




Stacking Density, /(g·L-1)


Average Particle Diameter, /μm


Viscosity of 50% Water Solution, /(P·as)




Lowest membrane-Forming temperature, /℃


Application Scope(Suggestion)

Non-cement based Dry-mixed mortar


In a cool, dry place and temperature below 30℃.

Shelf life

180 Days. They can continue to be used if the products beyond the warranty period are unbonded.

Hazards Identification

General Information
This material is not hazardous under OSHA criteria. This material is not hazardous under WHMIS criteria.

Physical Hazards
Nuisance dust.

Health effects
Eye contact:
No acute toxic effects are expected.

Skin contact:
May cause slight skin irritation.

No acute toxic effects are known.

Not expected in industrial use.

Chronic health effects
none known

First Aid Measures
After inhalation
If inhaled, remove to fresh air; keep the victim lying down and restful
After contact with the skin
If contact with skin, wash skin with plenty of water or with water and soap. Get medical advice if symptoms occur.
After contact with eyes
If contact with eyes, wash eyes with plenty of water or with water and soap. Get medical advice if symptoms occur.
After swallowing
If swallowed, give victim several glasses of water or induce vomiting. Get medical advice if symptoms occur.

HUAMAO® can customize according to customer demand, production of goods.
HUAMAO® can customize the packaging according to the customer's requirements.

Polymer powder is a special emulsion by spray drying processing, with water can be dispersible, it can be mixed with cement, grading sand and other additives in advance in the factory prepared into a single component of dry mix mortar, only in the construction site add water mixing can be used. In cement, a small amount of dispersible powder polymer is added to cement, which has a certain condensation delaying effect and water reducing function, with the increase of the ratio of aggregates, the coagulation time of cement is prolonged, and the glue powder can improve the fluidity of cement mortar under the condition of constant water and ash ratio. The influence of dispersible powder polymer on the strength of cement mortar shows different rules in 3d age and 28d age and is greatly influenced by curing conditions.
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