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619E - Redispersible polymer powder for putty
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619E - Redispersible polymer powder for putty


Re-dispersible polymer powder is the powder form of a special emulsion (macromolecular polymers) after spraying and drying. It dissolves in water easily and quickly and forms the emulsion, the same with the original emulsion. The membrane will form after the moisture is evaporated; this kind of membrane possesses high flexibility, good climate resistance and high adhesive to various substrates.
The plant was designed and developed using our own technologies. We have constantly introduced international advanced technology to fill the domestic vacant products.

Product Specification



Major Component



White powder, freely flow

Solid Content, /%




Stacking Density, /(g·L-1)


Average Particle Diameter, /μm


Viscosity of 50% Water Solution, /(P·as)




Lowest remembrance-Forming temperature, /℃



Re-dispersible polymer powder is mainly used in: internal and external wall putty powder, tile binder, Tile hook, dry powder Interface agent, external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar, and other dry mixed mortar.
Re-dispersible polymer powder is "green environmental protection, building energy-saving, high-quality multi-purpose" powder building materials-dry mixed mortar essential functional additives, it can improve the performance of mortar, improve mortar strength, improve mortar and various substrates bonding strength, improve the flexibility and deformation of mortar, compressive strength, flexural resistance, wear resist ance, toughness, adhesion and water retention capacity, construction. In addition, the hydrophobic rubber powder can make the mortar have a good waterproof property.


Other types of packaging such as Big Bags or silo wagons are possible on request.
As a basic rule, it is recommended to store HUAMAO® re-dispersible powder in a dry location at temperatures below 25°C and to process within six months. Sacks that are stored under pressure, damaged or left open for an extended period tend to cause blocking of the re-dispersible powder.

Product Liability

The above information and recommendations are based upon our experience and are offered merely for advice. They do not absolve the consumer from making his own tests. HUAMAO Chemical, their representatives or distributor organizations have no control over the conditions under which HUAMAO® re-dispersible powders are transported, stored, handled or used. Responsibility for damage
arising from the use of our products cannot be derived from the recommendations given. The observance of any intellectual property rights of third parties is the responsibility of the consumer in each case.
Technical information may not be passed on to any third party without our previous consent.

HUAMAO® can customize according to customer demand, production of goods.
HUAMAO® can customize the packaging according to the customer's requirements.

Building Putty is a kind of special polymer powder used to wipe the surface of a building, mainly composed of bonded base material and powder, which plays a role of connecting the base surface of the wall and the coating surface, thus has a critical influence on the performance and life of the coating. A good building putty should have enough bonding strength and good elasticity, but also have good water resistance and permeability; In addition, the building putty should have good construction performance, storage stability and a certain degree of alkali resistance.

In the system of coal ash putty, the hydration of coal ash and cement and the emulsion powder can act as binder. In the putty drying process, because of water absorption and evaporation, will leave a lot of cavities in the putty layer, these cavities are generally considered to be the weak parts of the putty layer. When there is a dispersible polymer powder in the system, these powders can be dispersed immediately and enriched in the rich water area of the system, and when the water evaporates in these cavities, the polymer in the dispersed liquid is solidified or film-forming, which strengthens the bonding strength of the putty. When the content of Dispersible polymer powder is low, because the amount of the dispersible liquid is too small, can not be in a larger range of film, can only be filled in the form of micro-polymer particles intermittently in the cavity, bonding and improve the density of the role, so the bond strength of the putty is not very obvious. When the amount of polymer powder reaches a certain proportion, the dispersible liquid can be continuously formed in a certain range, forming a cross network structure in the Putty layer, and combined with the inorganic hydrate network structure of coal ash and cement, which greatly increases the bond strength of the putty.
The influence on the permeability and water absorption of the putty increases with the amount of latex powder, and the permeability of the putty and the moisture absorption rate have a certain decrease.

With the increase of the amount of dispersible polymer powder, the bond strength of the putty is basically increasing, and the permeability and water absorption of the putty are greatly reduced due to the film-forming effect after the polymer powder is cured.

The internal microstructure of the putty with different dispersible polymer powders was observed and analyzed by using SEM. The different amount of polymer powder in the putty in the shape of the formation of the impassability: 1.5% is dispersible polymer powder in a certain range of continuous film in the lower limit, under this amount, Dispersible polymer powder is simply filled with putty; dispersible polymer powder in the putty can be in a small range of film, the increase in the dosage of putty on the strength of the most obvious. 2 5% is available in the dispersion of polymer powder in the putty in a large area of the lower limit of film, the amount of latex powder more than. 2 5%, Dispersible polymer powder In the putty large-area film, polymer film will weaken the hydration of the network, thus reducing the strength of putty.

Because of the blocking effect of the dispersible polymer powder on the pores, the water absorption and the permeability of the putty decreased with the increase of the content of the dispersible polymer powder. However, the amount of polymer powder of 1.5%-2 5% can still ensure that the putty has good permeability.

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