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    The company mainly produces and sells "HUAMAO" as well as "SANWEI" two major brand products. Products covered three series: One is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons; the second is dispersible polymer powder can be 85,000 tons per year; the last is the cellulose products annual capacity of 60,000tons. 
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    Shanghai Shici is willing to provide products with high performance and high quality. Good after-sales services guaranteed for better shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us!
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    Shanghai shici International Trading Co.Ltd is a professional company which contain enterprise sales, warehousing, distribution, technical services. Shanghai Shici in view of the new market situation and customer demand, the establishment of raw material supply as the core, formulation research, technical support, such as supporting the "integration, one-stop" service marketing model. 
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    Our polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products, dispersible polymer powder, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose and other related products are well applied in many fields such as paper, adhesives and emulsion, textiles, barrier films, tec,.
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CAS: 24979-97-3
Molecular formula:                  C4H8O
Molecular weight:                   72.1057

Product Properties

PTMEG is a white waxy solid. It turns into the transparent liquid when the temperature is higher than room temperature. It dissolves easily in alcohols, esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon chlorides. However, it does not dissolve in water or fatty hydrocarbons. When its molecular weight increases, its solubility drops. At room temperature, PTMEG is a good absorbent of water depending on its molecular weight and maximum up to 2%.

Product Specifications

Product names

Quality Index


PTMEG 1000

PTMEG 1800

PTMEG 2000

Molecular Weight(g/mol)





Hydroxyl Number (mg Koh/g)





Water Content (μg/g)


Color (Pt-Co)


Acidity Value (mg/g)


Peroxides (wt. μg/g as H2O2)


Stability (wt. μg/g as BHT)

Consultation between Supply and Requisition Parties

Product Uses

PTMEG is an important raw material for the production of polyurethane (such as PU fibers, polyurethane elastomer, synthesized leathers, paint additives, adhesives, and sealants), polyesters and polyamides.

Storage and Transportation

PTMEG should be stored in totally closed containers sealed with dry nitrogen. The containers must be fitted with heating equipment outside or inside to keep their internal temperature at about 50℃. Frozen PTMEG can be heated at about 70℃ for 24 hours to melt. PTMEG should not be stored at 90℃ for a long time.

In addition, it should be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated places, and keep away from fire sources, sparks and naked flames. Due to PTMEG water absorbent and ease of oxidization, it should not be exposed to moisture or air. To avoid static electricity, its containers should be earthen during transportation.

PTMEG becomes highly combustible at high temperature. If the fire is started, one could use spray water, alcohol foam, dry chemicals products or carbon dioxide fire extinguishers to put off the fire. When loading or unloading it, one should wear gloves and safety glasses to prevent contact with the eyes or skin.

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