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The Belt and Road Links Multinational Trade Prospects

On June 1, at the eighth session of the International Forum on Infrastructure Investment and construction, the China Foreign contracted Contractors ' Association officially released the National Infrastructure Development Index (2017) and the Index report (2017). This is the first comprehensive development index in the field of international infrastructure investment and construction, with "a barometer" of infrastructure cooperation. According to the index report, most of the countries along the "all the way" take the traffic infrastructure construction as an important path to shape the economic space pattern, mainly focus on the road, railway upgrading, highway network, and railway construction.

The following is a list of major projects in recent years, including railways, highways, bridges, docks, industries and many other industries, which bring huge profits to China's foreign economy.

Along the way route two main line, one is based on land Silk Road, the way of Xinjiang, Russia, Central Asian countries, Eastern Europe, Western, the other is the main maritime Silk Road, the way Fujian, Hainan, Vietnam, Burma, Singapore, India and other Southeast Asian countries, South Asia, and then flip the African Kenya, then through the Mediterranean into Europe. There are more than 65 countries along the line, bringing great business opportunities to China's international layout.

China and the country along the line, the author selected a number of countries, through the data can be found that in recent years, China's foreign trade has gradually increased the status of the future in the "area all the way" led, the trade will continue to maintain the momentum of growth. At the same time, "along the way" national infrastructure investment and construction of the overall fluctuations in the trend, the market demand. Take the road for example, Brazil will build 7919 kilometers of new highways, 55,000 kilometers of road maintenance, total investment of 66.1 billion (130 billion yuan); Poland plans to build 7200 kilometres of highway and expressway networks by 2020, and Kazakhstan plans to complete 2020 kilometres of international highways by 16,000 years ago.

At present, although the project is many, the fund gap is also larger. Although there are Asian investment banks, Silk Road Fund, etc., however, according to professional agencies estimates, by 2030, the global infrastructure funding gap will be as high as $20 trillion, the problem is particularly serious in developing countries. The annual investment demand in the infrastructure sector is around $2 trillion, half of which is unmet. Thus, the future development of the "The belt and the road" still needs more capital investment.

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