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413V - ceramic Tile Adhesive Redispersible Polymer Powder
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413V - ceramic Tile Adhesive Redispersible Polymer Powder


HUAMAO® 413V is a very flexible dispersible polymer powder based on vinyl acetate and ethylene with very good tensile adhesion strength particularly on organic surfaces combined with good crack-bridging properties and good workability.

Product Specification



Major Component



White powder, freely flow

Solid Content, /%




Stacking Density, /(g·L-1)


Average Particle Diameter, /μm


Viscosity of 50% Water Solution, /(P·as)




Lowest remembrance-Forming temperature, /℃


HUAMAO® 413V is a copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene and is dispersible in water. Because of its relatively high ethylene content, this resin is soft and flexible. Its glass transition temperature (Tg) is below the freezing point of water. Compounds modified with HUAMAO® 413 Vexhibit improved adhesion, flexural strength, deformability, abrasion resistance and are easier to process. Leveling, thixotropy and water retention are essentially unaffected. The product is ideal for use in combination with other mortar additives intended to enhance specific properties.
HUAMAO® 413V contains a fine mineral filler as an anti-blocking agent. It is produced without the addition of organic solvents, plasticizers, and film - forming agents.


For typical application fields of HUAMAO® 413V, refer to the following application table. Please discuss additional applications with your HUAMAO customer representative.

Application of adhesive-for-ceramic-tile-413v


For the production of ready-mixed dry mortars, such as adhesives and patching compounds, blend HUAMAO® 413V with the other dry ingredients in appropriate equipment. Temperatures should not be allowed to rise excessively during mixing because otherwise, the dispersible polymer powder could agglomerate by virtue of its thermoplastic properties.
The mortar is prepared for use by adding the recommended amount of water and mixing mechanically or by hand. Since hand mixing generates little shear force, we recommend allowing the fresh mortar to slake for 5 minutes and then stir it again. This is usually unnecessary where mechanical mixers are employed.


HUAMAO® can customize according to customer demand, production of goods.
HUAMAO® can customize the packaging according to the customer's requirements.

Effect of dispersible polymer powder on bonding strength
Because of the particularity of Self-Leveling floor Construction: (1) The self-leveling layer is two additional layers; (2) The construction thickness of self-leveling floor is usually less than that of general floor mortar; (3) After the construction of self-leveling floor, for the sake of quick delivery, it usually does not have very short curing or curing time; (4) The self-leveling layer needs to resist the thermal stress from different materials; (5) Sometimes the self-leveling material is used for the difficult adhesion of the base surface. Therefore, even if there is an auxiliary role of interface treatment agent, in order to ensure that the self-leveling layer can be firmly adhered to the grass-roots for a long time, adding a certain amount of 413V redispersible powders to ensure that self-leveling materials have long-term reliable adhesion. The bonding strength of the self-leveling material increases with the increase of 413V latex powder, whether on the absorbing base surface (such as cement polymer), organic base surface (such as wood) or nonabsorbing base surface (such as metal, such as ship deck). Taking the failure form as an example, the failure of the bond strength test of the self-leveling material doped with 413V polymer powder occurs in the self-leveling material or in the base plane, but not at the interface, which indicates that the bonding property is good.

Effect of redispersible powders on wear resistance
Although the bottom self-leveling material wear-resistant requirements are not as high as the surface layer, however, because the ground inevitably shall withstand a variety of dynamic and static stress [from furniture casters, forklifts (such as warehouses) and wheels (such as car parks), and so on, a certain wear resistance is self-leveling ground with long-term durability of one of the important energy. With the increase of 413V interface dry powder, the compressive strength decreased slightly, and the flexural strength increased obviously, i.e. the compression ratio (compressive strength/flexural strength) decreased gradually. This reflects that the brittleness of self-leveling flooring material decreases with the increase of 413V polymer powder content. This will reduce the elastic modulus of self-leveling flooring material and improve its Anti-cracking property.

Effect of dispersible latex powder on tensile properties
With the increase of 413V polymer powder content, the cohesion (tensile strength) of self-leveling material increased remarkably, and the flexibility and the variation of cement-based self-leveling material were also improved obviously. This is consistent with the tensile strength of the 413V polymer powder itself, which is more than 10 times that of cement. From the point of view of health and comfort, this increase in flexibility is conducive to reducing noise and improving the body's long-standing fatigue.

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