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Application of Re-Dispersible Emulsion Powder in Formulation Design of Flexible Putty Powder for Ext

2004 jg/t157 internal and external wall Putty Standard, there is also a flexible external wall putty standard, this standard mainly for internal and external wall putty standards. This standard started in June 2004, and our company passed the test on June 4. The bonding strength is ≥0 in the standard state. 6MPA, the test result is 1.4MPA, Freeze-thaw cycle 5 times ≥0.4MPA, test result 0.8MPA, dynamic anti-cracking ≥0.3mm, the test result is 0.5mm, the test results far exceed the national standard.

In 2004, when the country carried out external insulation standard, the jg/t158 flexible putty standard was developed. Bonding strength ≥0.6Mpa, test results ≥0.8Mpa. Freeze-thaw Cycle 5 times, bonding strength ≥0.4Mpa, measured results: 1.3MPA,

Standard flexibility, diameter 50mm no crack, test results: diameter 50mm no cracks.

157 and 1582 flexible putty standards in the same standard, the difference is that the standard 157 is dynamic anti-cracking ≥0.3mm, the standard 158 is required flexibility 50mm no cracks, combined with our production practice, two standard results are the same. As long as 157 dynamic anti-cracking ≥0.3mm Standard, also can achieve 158 flexibility diameter 50mm No crack standard, only two different standard test methods.

Formulation technology of flexible putty powder for external insulation

Name of raw material                               Add Amount (kg)
re-dispersible emulsion powder                    15-25
Cellulose                                                       4-5
Lignin                                                             2
White Cement                                              350
Quartz powder (or sepiolite powder)            370
Silica fume (talc powder)                              250

The formula of quartz powder, not quartz sand, so that the hardness of the putty decreased, flexibility increased. The application of silica fume and talc powder further enhances the flexibility. If the Local has sepiolite powder, the effect is better, can reduce the amount of resin powder, greatly reducing the cost.

In the external insulation dry mix slurry and putty powder formula process, heavy calcium powder, talc powder, silica fume, mica powder, sea foam stone powder are all belong to the inorganic filler, all localities can be based on local mineral resources, locally available, select the use of low prices.

Enhanced flexibility can not rely on the amount of dispersible latex powder, wollastonite powder, mica powder, sea foam stone powder, talc has a certain degree of softness, can reduce the amount of latex powder, reduce production costs.
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