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    The company mainly produces and sells "HUAMAO" as well as "SANWEI" two major brand products. Products covered three series: One is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons; the second is dispersible polymer powder can be 85,000 tons per year; the last is the cellulose products annual capacity of 60,000tons. 
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    Shanghai shici International Trading Co.Ltd is a professional company which contain enterprise sales, warehousing, distribution, technical services. Shanghai Shici in view of the new market situation and customer demand, the establishment of raw material supply as the core, formulation research, technical support, such as supporting the "integration, one-stop" service marketing model. 
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    Our polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products, dispersible polymer powder, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose and other related products are well applied in many fields such as paper, adhesives and emulsion, textiles, barrier films, tec,.
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Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Putty Powder in Market

The putty powder is mainly used for the wall surface treatment, interior decoration, the putty powder is decorated with paint wall materials, is a thick paste coating, is a necessary before the painting of a product, wall decoration can not be separated from putty powder, the advantages and disadvantages of different putty powder what?

1. Traditional putty

Advantages: Finish Scraping putty surface hardness is the most, the lowest cost price (2.5~3.5 yuan/square meter).

Disadvantages: Formaldehyde and other harmful residues of the most, easy delamination stripping, not to scrape too thick;

2. Water-based Putty

Advantages: Finish scraping putty surface hardness slightly, cost price economy ($number. 5 yuan/square meter), mildew resistance is good, quick dry;

Disadvantage: Failure to effectively solve the phenomenon of delamination stripping, not to scrape too thick; a simple upgrade product of traditional putty;

3. Ripe gum Ash

Advantages: The least harmful residue, mildew resistance is good, the best anti-cracking performance, no delamination stripping phenomenon, suitable to repair uneven surface. The construction performance is the best.

Disadvantages: Finish scraping putty surface hardness slightly, need emulsion paint cover to achieve the best results, long dry time, the cost of the largest price ($number yuan/square meters).

Non-finished putty refers to the no fixed packaging, no unified production standards, no production methods and quality assurance system Putty products. Generally to users of the bedroom as a manual workshop, construction workers and production workers, a variety of ingredients, the number of all the construction workers are free to master.

The finished putty is according to the reasonable material ratio, the mechanization way production, avoids the traditional craft in the spot match to cause the mistake and the quality not to guarantee the question. With green environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, not including formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and volatile harmful substances, water is used, easy to operate, simple process.

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