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    The company mainly produces and sells "HUAMAO" as well as "SANWEI" two major brand products. Products covered three series: One is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products with an annual capacity of 100,000 tons; the second is dispersible polymer powder can be 85,000 tons per year; the last is the cellulose products annual capacity of 60,000tons. 
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    Shanghai Shici is willing to provide products with high performance and high quality. Good after-sales services guaranteed for better shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us!
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    Shanghai shici International Trading Co.Ltd is a professional company which contain enterprise sales, warehousing, distribution, technical services. Shanghai Shici in view of the new market situation and customer demand, the establishment of raw material supply as the core, formulation research, technical support, such as supporting the "integration, one-stop" service marketing model. 
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    Our polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) series of products, dispersible polymer powder, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose and other related products are well applied in many fields such as paper, adhesives and emulsion, textiles, barrier films, tec,.
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Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose

Huamao® has a lot of kinds of HPMC, according to your requirements, we can customize the production of viscosity 5~250,000 (NDJ-4, 2% aqueous solution, 25℃), different gel temperature of HPMC. And for different applications, we develop special putty, ceramic tile special, waterproof mortar special, ceramic tile sealant dedicated, polypropylene rubber powder dedicated, insulation bonding special, self-leveling dedicated special type of HPMC.

In China, Huamao® HPMC is sold to 34 provinces and municipalities, with annual sales volume of 10,000 tons, and exported to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. High-quality Huamao® HPMC has been successfully used in China's high-speed rail project, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project and other national major construction projects, access to the industry highly recognized.

Introduction of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, also known as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether, it selects highly purified cotton cellulose as raw material, It made by special etherification under alkaline conditions.the whole process under the automatic monitoring, do not contain any animal organs and grease and other active components.
English Name: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Abbreviation: HPMC, MHPC
Other names: Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether hyprolose, hydroxy methyl cellulose, HPMC cellulose, methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose
CAS No: 9004-65-3

Application in the construction industry

1. Cement mortar: improve the dispersion of cement-sand, greatly improve the plasticity of mortar and water retention, to prevent cracks have effect, can enhance the strength of cement. The most popular types of HPMC are used for soft putty, wood putty, waterproof putty and water retention.
2. Ceramic tile Cement: Improve the compression of ceramic tile mortar plasticity, water retention, improve the glue relay ceramic tile, to prevent powdering.
3. Asbestos and other refractories Shang: As a suspending agent, liquidity improvement agent, but also improve the base of the glue relay.
4. Gypsum coagulation slurry: improve water retention and processing, improve the substrate adhesive.
5. joint Cement: Added to gypsum board in the joint cement, improve liquidity and water retention.
6. Latex Putty: To improve the resin latex as the base of the fluidity of putty and water retention.
7. plaster: As a substitute for the natural paste, can improve water retention, improve the same substrate glue relay.
8. Paint: As a latex coating plasticizer, to improve the performance of paint and putty powder operation and mobility of the improvement of the role.
9. spraying coating: To prevent the cement system or latex system spraying only filler sink and improve the fluidity and spray beam graphics have a good effect.
10. cement, gypsum two products: as a cement-asbestos system, such as the use of hard water pressure molding binder, improve the fluidity, can get uniform molding products.
11. fiber Wall: As a result of anti-enzyme bacteria action, as a sand wall adhesive is effective.
12. Other: Bubble retention agents that can be used as thin mortar and slurry operator (PC version).


Please read HPMC MSDS before use.
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