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415V - redispersible polymer powder for waterproof mortar
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415V - redispersible polymer powder for waterproof mortar


Re-dispersible polymer powder is a new building material which HUAMAO® uses its own PVA raw materials and technical advantages, introduces the Danish Advanced Niro company spray drying technology and equipment, control the production using DCS and PLC systems. The product has high flexibility, high weatherability and high adhesion to a variety of substrates, it is an important additive in dry mix mortar, and can improve the flexibility of building materials, bending strength and flexural strength, reduce shrinkage rate, effectively prevent cracking.
The plant was designed and developed using our own technologies. We have constantly introduced international advanced technology to fill the domestic vacant products.

Product Specification



Major Component



White powder, freely flow

Solid Content, /%




Stacking Density, /(g·L-1)


Average Particle Diameter, /μm


Viscosity of 50% Water Solution, /(P·as)




Lowest remembrance-Forming temperature, /℃



Re-dispersible polymer powder is mainly used in: internal and external wall putty powder, tile binder, Tile hook, dry powder Interface agent, external wall insulation mortar, self-leveling mortar, repair mortar, decorative mortar, waterproof mortar, and other dry mixed mortar.
Re-dispersible polymer powder is "green environmental protection, building energy-saving, high-quality multi-purpose" powder building materials-dry mixed mortar essential functional additives, it can improve the performance of mortar, improve mortar strength, improve mortar and various substrates bonding strength, improve the flexibility and deformation of mortar, compressive strength, flexural resistance, wear resist ance, toughness, adhesion, and water retention capacity, construction. In addition, the hydrophobic rubber powder can make the mortar have a good waterproof property.


Other types of packaging such as Big Bags or silo wagons are possible on request.
As a basic rule, it is recommended to store HUAMAO® re-dispersible powder in a dry location at temperatures below 25°C and to process within six months. Sacks that are stored under pressure, damaged or left open for an extended period tend to cause blocking of the re-dispersible powder.

Quality, Safety, and Environment

In general HUAMAO® redispersible powders are not classified as hazardous. However, we recommend all individuals using HUAMAO® re-dispersible powder or coming in contact with it, to observe the separate Safety Data Sheets. Our safety specialists will be pleased to advise you regarding safety, health and environmental issues of our products.

HUAMAO® can customize according to customer demand, production of goods.
HUAMAO® can customize the packaging according to the customer's requirements.

Because the ordinary waterproof mortar is not flexible enough and very easy to crack, the small thickness of the waterproof mortar layer and the capillary absorption action of cement-based material makes water resistant mortar absorbent too strong, which can not play a good water resistant mortar and moistureproof role. Therefore, improving the flexibility and reducing water absorption is the key to develop rigid waterproof mortar. Mortar adhesive can give mortar good flexibility and low water absorption rate, so it can meet the requirements of waterproof mortar.

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